Can I get a gold tooth?

Jack Snapchat

This kid. He’s 5. And that’s a snapchat filter, not a real picture – but I think it is adorable and funny, just like him.

Last night I told Jack that I was going to make him a dentist appointment and he said, “Why, so I can get a gold tooth?” Seriously? Yes. The dentist appointment needs to happen for school registration.

So this picture – besides being cute and funny is also what a kid with strep throat looks like. I had no idea strep could be so sneaky and fly under the radar – I got a call from the lab today that his culture came back positive. I left my meeting, went to the pharmacy and picked up the penicillin and then went and picked him up from school. It makes a little bit of sense – he’s been crabby lately and not listening well (his teacher confirmed this when I talked to her today, sorry Carrie). It all started with some vomiting about a week ago, then he seemed OK. Then he got a rash late last week and we took him to urgent care and came home with comfort knowing it was just likely a reaction to the virus that caused the vomiting. The urgent care doc considered giving him a strep test but because he didn’t complain of a sore throat she didn’t. Friday night Justin noticed that Jack’s knees and ankles were a little swollen – but Jack didn’t complain of any symptoms. Saturday morning Jack’s feet were so swollen it hurt him to walk – so back to urgent care and again, it was a reaction to the virus. To be safe they did a strep test and it was negative. Today I got a call that the culture had grown positive and he needed penicillin. Frustrating.

Kids are animals, man.



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