Daisy Jones & The Six — Review

“Art doesn’t owe anything to anyone.”


Daisy Jones & The Six was a nice inside look into what it takes for a band to be successful – the personal dynamics, the technical aspect, recording – I appreciated that and felt like I learned some. The story is fictional but feels well researched. There seemed to be a lot of parallels between the DJ6 album and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors.
DJ6 is brutally honest about how hard love is and that keeping it going depends on choices made along the way and forgiveness. A favorite passage – one that I marked to refer back to for writing this review – was something that Daisy said, “ And Billy saw me the way I wanted to be seen. There is nothing more powerful than that. I really believe that. Everybody wants somebody holding up the right mirror.”
The seven people in DJ6 get their mirrors shattered and stop trying who they think they should be, who they think everyone wants them to be – and learns to live for what/who they want to be. This theme has been done before many, many times – even in the context of a rock n roll band – but Reid did in a unique and genuine way by telling it through interview excerpts that were being used for a tell-all book (not yet published) that it WORKED. It was a fresh way to take in a story – I understand why it was a hot book of the summer.

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