Pride Events and the Stakes.

In Keizer, the organizers of their Pride event called it off (and rightfully so!) because the pastor of The River Church who hosted the Reawaken America tour earlier this summer at Volcano’s Stadium attended a prayer breakfast with the mayor a several weeks later. Redmond, OR refused to host the event — but Keizer welcomed them. Idaho seems pretty far away (it isn’t, you can get there in 7 hours, maybe less) – but Keizer is just a few blocks from us. When the mayor, who oversees the chief of police, who did NOTHING at the Reawaken America tour except keep the hate safe – I honestly don’t blame Keizer Pride for cancelling – and I wish more people took these kindof ties and actions by civic leaders more seriously.

Here’s the stakes Pride Organizers are up against – Saturday June 11th, 2022, Coeur D’Alane police arrested all 31 people in a box truck who were heading to the town’s pride event. The people in the van were all part of a hate group who had planned to riot downtown during a Pride Event. Had someone at a hotel who saw them all piling into the truck the police wouldn’t have been tipped off. The 31 people were uniformed, organized and armed and ready and came from multiple states. Props to the Coeur D’Alane police for responding and arresting – and not using the “free speech” or the “we can’t do anything until someone gets hurt” excuses.

I don’t feel confident that the Keizer Police would’ve arrested a van of 31 people w/ riot gear. I don’t necessarially feel like the Salem Police would either (based on their actions during the BLM protests – a whole other topic).

The Keizer police, who’s chief reports to the mayor, who invites a local pastor to a prayer breakfast WHO INVITES a rally (that only a stadium can hold) of hate w/ advertised speakers Mike Flynn, Mike Lindell, and one of Trump’s kids. Redmond had the sense to say no – why didn’t Keizer? Its hard for me to believe that Keizer police will be led to keep its citizens safe when their leaders are interested in keeping hate safe.

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