I was Pushed.

Well hello! I’ve received a lot of suggestions lately that I start a website/blog – and to tell the truth that isn’t a half bad idea at all. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I never quite know what to do with them — so it’ll be nice to have everything centralized in one spot with links to each.

So, welcome to my inaugural post!

Twitter — @Meltastic77, please follow me. Here is where you will see most of my local/regional political side. Think back to last October/November when I launched a cyber war on the Salem Chamber of Commerce over their campaign against a measure that would’ve supported evening/weekend service to our local transit from a payroll tax. I put a lot of time and effort into understanding the issue and my stance on it — I’m going to save Twitter for that stuff. You’ll also see me interact with other Salem residents who share similar interests (spoiler alert, we also get pretty raunchy sometimes.)

Instagram – Meltastic77, please follow me. Instagram is where you will find a lot of food, nutrition and mother nature. A few months back I did a complete nutrition overhaul and drastically changed the way I feed my body. I will share favorite new recipes and updates. Until now most of this story has been on Facebook, but I’m going to move it over to Instagram. I follow many of our national parks on here — I usually check my Instagram feed in the morning when I have coffee, it feels like taking a tour. I follow a lot of artists on Instagram too. I will do my best to share it with you.

Linked In – Melani Fuller I am in the market for a new job. Know of any leads or people I should connect with?

Facebook – Melani Whisler Fuller, please follow me. Facebook will be the biggest window to my home and family life – I use it to keep in touch. All of my friends on Facebook are people I know and interact with on a regular basis. Facebook is where you will see the most candid, crazy and everyday parts of my life. My Facebook page is PG-13 and sometimes R. Reader discretion is advised.Not all of my posts will be public – I will reserve for only people I know.

The decision to start this blog was based on a few different needs.

  1. You all encouraged me. I’ve been told that I have a nice way of expressing myself and that its fun to follow me – plus, I like to share. The encouragement I received to do this was the final clincher in my decision to finally do it.
  2. It is a skill I need and want to have. Learning how to build a web presence isn’t a bad skill in today’s job market. My recent plunge into the job search market (I was pushed, it wasn’t a decision I made on my own) has led me to realize I need to learn how to do this stuff for the types of jobs I’m looking for. I need to know how to organize and reference web content and link and cross-reference. Thanks for being my guinea pig and don’t be surprised if I hit you up for advice or help.
  3. I need to practice writing. Its been awhile. Jobs I’ve been applying for require writing samples and I don’t want to dig up old ones.
  4. I like to share and I want to engage with others who like the same things I do about news, politics, health and wellness, literature and parenting. So please, email me, comment, follow me — I look forward to this.

I’ll do my best to be informative, funny, helpful and provide a fun place to read.

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