Band Teasers vs Brain Teasers

During a long nap drive with the kiddos on Saturday Justin asked me, “If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life would you pick Steve Miller Band or Stevie Ray Vaughan?” This kept us busy ALL weekend thinking up names of bands that were similar but oh so different — check this out:
The Cranberries vs Tonic

The Beastie Boys vs The Beach Boys

Eagles vs Flock of Seagulls

Cars vs The Doors

Pointer Sisters vs Scissor Sisters

Katy Perry vs Stephen Perry


Prince vs Queen

The Strokes vs The Kinks

Neil Diamond vs Gem and The Hollograms (This was mine, and Justin said I won the game with it)

Kenny G vs Warren G

Public Enemy vs ThePolice

Aerosmith vs Air Supply

Corey Hart vs Stevie Wonder (Hint: what song is Corey Hart famous for?)

Pink vs Blondie

Kris Kristofferson vs Kris Kross (one of my favs)

Guns N Roses vs The Wallflowers

Poison vs Ratt

Megadeth vs Band Aid

50 cent vs Johnny Cash

Nickelback vs Quarterflash

Nicki Minaj vs Stevie Nicks



If you can think of more leave a comment!

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