Barking Spiders are Everywhere. 

For the past 90 some days or so I have blasted Facebook and Instagram with my Whole 30 journey. To summarize, it starts with a 30 day challenge (and it is quite challenging) in which you eliminate dairy, grains, sugar and any and all processed meats and foods. It’s pretty much simple cuts of meat (preferably organic but it doesn’t have to be because that can get really expensive) and fruits and vegetables — and don’t eat too much fruit. 

I succeeded in the 30 day challenge – I didn’t cheat once and I was amazed when it was over what I truly was capable of if I wanted it bad enough — and my whole adult life I have struggled with finding a weight loss method that worked for me and I never did. But it wasn’t ever the method – for whatever reason and excuses – I never wanted to enough to stick through it when it got hard. I stuck with this one and I’ve even continued with the lifestyle since — because it would be really difficult to stick to the true Whole 30 for longer than 30 days. I’ve lost 31 lbs and the good things that eating right have done for my body and mind are too much to just throw away and go back to eatin crap. 

I never realized how hard the mental struggle is. Yesterday I reasoned and convinced myself that if I eat so well 99% of the time what is a “treat” now and then going to do. In the long run – not that much, really. The foods that I chose to “reward” myself with were a hotdog at the bingo hall, a Thai shrimp salad at Applebee’s (it had wonton chips and the dressing had sugar in it) and a sandwich at Taproot (whole grain bread, arugula, avocado, bacon, tomato and organic mayo) that came with half a plate of flash fried brussel sprouts. Aside from the hotdog the food was still mostly good and nutritious – but contained sugar, dairy and grains. I’m in pain this morning. I’m bloated, my tummy hurts and my farts could be in a scene from Joe Dirt. 

People tell me all the time lately that I’m inspiring and they are proud of me — that support is fantastic and I love that so many are following me and supporting me because this isn’t easy. It’s getting easier — I’m always learning, and mostly it’s a lesson in being prepared. If I’m committing to eating a way that is so opposit of the way that is so readily available and blasted at us through advertising and media (i.e. Low-fat and/or sugar free foods aren’t all that good for you) then you need to plan for being away from your kitchen. 

I’ve inspired others to try this lifestyle too and it makes me happy they will benefit — but I’m human and the struggle is real. I let my brain win yesterday and not my body (and everyone around me) is feeling it. So I’m going to lay in bed for just a little bit longer and feel sorry for myself about it and then in about 10 minutes I’ll get up and tackle the day with a fresh start. 

Sorry that I’m a little cranky – I don’t feel good and it will take awhile to pass – and I’m really sorry about the farts (pun totally intended). 

One thought on “Barking Spiders are Everywhere. 

  1. I agree Melanie, no matter what you choose to do it is not easy to lose weight and most importantly, to keep it off. It has to be a life style change–not a diet. Cravings happen and giving in once in a while, does not derail your life. You are, unfortunately, suffering the consequences! LOL. You are doing great—keep it up!

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