Why? What For?

I'm drinking hot coco merely days before Charlie was born.

Warm heavy mugs make me feel love.

There are quite a few reason I wanted to start this blog

  • I want and need to practice creative writing. I’ve found that in a lot of the jobs I’m applying for they require writing skills. My last job I wrote all the time, but it was always emails, prog notes in charts, or care plans. None of it was really creative or about things I needed to think about – it was all facts or directions and I just needed to make sure my grammar, spelling and punctuation were right. Technical writing is a strong skill – and so is a well written email (I was most thankful for employees and colleagues who could write a good email and skip a phone call).

I was on my way to work and it was sunny but freezing.

  • I want to learn how to make a webpage/blog and how to better use social media. I admired a friend’s webpage — want to see her creative resume, professional resume or an “about” her page that tells about her interests, hobbies and friends family? It is a beautifully designed page and I am envious.A couple of jobs I’ve seen that I liked were public relations types — and all asked questions about experience with social media and branding. I should learn this stuff.

Christmas day 2016 in the Methow Valley, WA visiting Stormy and Conor.

  • I like to tell stories and be funny. I like to share. I think I know myself pretty well and that’s a quality I’ve always appreciated in other people. It took me a lifetime so far but I can comfortably say that I know myself and that I know who I am. We are all products of our experiences – good and bad – and I am excited to write about some of mine.

Sunkissed and fresh out of the salon with purple hair (it made me so happy)

  • I was asked to. Comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have asked for a blog. I’m not sure who my audience will be besides loving family and friends who will read it just to be nice – but maybe it’ll find other audience members out there too.

Me and Justin, Depoe Bay early Spring 2016.

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