Never Before Seen…

This is me. Hi. 

I’ve made no secret of my recent change in diet or how it has effected me – but I noticed that all of my pics are from the neck up. For the first time in forever (maybe even ever) I’m excited to take a picture of my entire body.

I’m proud of how hard it’s been but hat I’ve stuck with it. I’m proud that I have flubbed but gotten right back to it without feeling all is lost and that I failed. I am also proud of how good I feel and how much happier I am. There are no more excuses. 

I think that I look and feel great. Huzzah!


Why? What For?

I'm drinking hot coco merely days before Charlie was born.

Warm heavy mugs make me feel love.

There are quite a few reason I wanted to start this blog

  • I want and need to practice creative writing. I’ve found that in a lot of the jobs I’m applying for they require writing skills. My last job I wrote all the time, but it was always emails, prog notes in charts, or care plans. None of it was really creative or about things I needed to think about – it was all facts or directions and I just needed to make sure my grammar, spelling and punctuation were right. Technical writing is a strong skill – and so is a well written email (I was most thankful for employees and colleagues who could write a good email and skip a phone call).

I was on my way to work and it was sunny but freezing.

  • I want to learn how to make a webpage/blog and how to better use social media. I admired a friend’s webpage — want to see her creative resume, professional resume or an “about” her page that tells about her interests, hobbies and friends family? It is a beautifully designed page and I am envious.A couple of jobs I’ve seen that I liked were public relations types — and all asked questions about experience with social media and branding. I should learn this stuff.

Christmas day 2016 in the Methow Valley, WA visiting Stormy and Conor.

  • I like to tell stories and be funny. I like to share. I think I know myself pretty well and that’s a quality I’ve always appreciated in other people. It took me a lifetime so far but I can comfortably say that I know myself and that I know who I am. We are all products of our experiences – good and bad – and I am excited to write about some of mine.

Sunkissed and fresh out of the salon with purple hair (it made me so happy)

  • I was asked to. Comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have asked for a blog. I’m not sure who my audience will be besides loving family and friends who will read it just to be nice – but maybe it’ll find other audience members out there too.

Me and Justin, Depoe Bay early Spring 2016.

Barking Spiders are Everywhere. 

For the past 90 some days or so I have blasted Facebook and Instagram with my Whole 30 journey. To summarize, it starts with a 30 day challenge (and it is quite challenging) in which you eliminate dairy, grains, sugar and any and all processed meats and foods. It’s pretty much simple cuts of meat (preferably organic but it doesn’t have to be because that can get really expensive) and fruits and vegetables — and don’t eat too much fruit. 

I succeeded in the 30 day challenge – I didn’t cheat once and I was amazed when it was over what I truly was capable of if I wanted it bad enough — and my whole adult life I have struggled with finding a weight loss method that worked for me and I never did. But it wasn’t ever the method – for whatever reason and excuses – I never wanted to enough to stick through it when it got hard. I stuck with this one and I’ve even continued with the lifestyle since — because it would be really difficult to stick to the true Whole 30 for longer than 30 days. I’ve lost 31 lbs and the good things that eating right have done for my body and mind are too much to just throw away and go back to eatin crap. 

I never realized how hard the mental struggle is. Yesterday I reasoned and convinced myself that if I eat so well 99% of the time what is a “treat” now and then going to do. In the long run – not that much, really. The foods that I chose to “reward” myself with were a hotdog at the bingo hall, a Thai shrimp salad at Applebee’s (it had wonton chips and the dressing had sugar in it) and a sandwich at Taproot (whole grain bread, arugula, avocado, bacon, tomato and organic mayo) that came with half a plate of flash fried brussel sprouts. Aside from the hotdog the food was still mostly good and nutritious – but contained sugar, dairy and grains. I’m in pain this morning. I’m bloated, my tummy hurts and my farts could be in a scene from Joe Dirt. 

People tell me all the time lately that I’m inspiring and they are proud of me — that support is fantastic and I love that so many are following me and supporting me because this isn’t easy. It’s getting easier — I’m always learning, and mostly it’s a lesson in being prepared. If I’m committing to eating a way that is so opposit of the way that is so readily available and blasted at us through advertising and media (i.e. Low-fat and/or sugar free foods aren’t all that good for you) then you need to plan for being away from your kitchen. 

I’ve inspired others to try this lifestyle too and it makes me happy they will benefit — but I’m human and the struggle is real. I let my brain win yesterday and not my body (and everyone around me) is feeling it. So I’m going to lay in bed for just a little bit longer and feel sorry for myself about it and then in about 10 minutes I’ll get up and tackle the day with a fresh start. 

Sorry that I’m a little cranky – I don’t feel good and it will take awhile to pass – and I’m really sorry about the farts (pun totally intended). 

Bingo, Baby!

Today I checked something  off my list — remember that post from a few days ago? I went with a good friend and we played bingo at B&G Bingo. B&G Bingo supports the Boys and Girls Club, so it was money well spent.

The employees look bored – and their job looks miserable. My friend told me that when her daughter was young she got busted for underage drinking and had to do community service that she worked off at the Boys and Girls Club — so she always thinks the employees are doing community service.

Bingo is complicated – I was seriously stressed out at times. You don’t just get a line and win, it is much more complicated than that. There are many different patterns to pay attention to and I wondered sometimes if I knew what I was doing. My friend goes often so she is a pro, and my trying to play at her level was probably a mistake.

When you get there you have to go to the buy in counter and wait in a long line behind a lot of old people. There were a lot of walkers. It takes forever and when I got to the front I said, “I’ll just get what she got.” I tried not to look too surprised when they handed me a stack of multi-colored blank bingo cards.

There were men there, and most of them were single – my guess is they were widowers looking for their next B-I-N-G-O.

My friend doubled her money. I did not. It was a fun way to spend 3 hours but my butt started to fall asleep towards the end. I was glad when it was over but glad I did it — Its fun spending time with Kay no matter what we do.


Cathy and Me Fall 2015I spent a lot of time texting with a friend tonight about adoption. She adopted 2 daughters and then gave birth to her 3rd (she had no idea she was pregnant until she went to the doctor for weird symptoms and they broke the news to her… Just imagine that for a minute).

Her adopted daughter is struggling with being able to articulate her feelings around her birth parents and she asked me if I would share my thoughts about my birth mother and father and maybe help a little.

I gladly shared. I’ve always known I was adopted. It was never a secret and everyone around me knew and never had a problem with it. Once I remember my older cousins trying to mess with me and tell me that one of my aunts was my real mom — yeah. Although I idolized them at the time I quickly realized as I got older that they were jerks – for that reason and many others. I have not had a relationship with them in decades.

Anyways – I’m always eager to hear other people’s adoption stories and share my thoughts. I don’t feel like I have a story — I was adopted when I was 6 weeks old. After I was born I loved I foster care until my mom and dad got the call there was a baby. I have a few cards from my foster brothers and sisters wishing me well and my name was Nancy (thank you Mom and Dad for choosing Melani). Then I was Mom and Dad’s. I’ve never wondered about the issues surrounding my being given up or why — I don’t care to seek out any of my biological parents.

I’m kinda curious if I have siblings – not enough to try and find them – because I was always jealous of people with siblings. I had a great childhood but I spent a lot of times with books and music — not a bad thing really but I didn’t have someone my age around a lot. I’m not curious enough to look for them though. Even if I found them I wouldn’t automatically have that experience or bond that a lifetime together gives people. It would be weird.

In my life I have gone back and forth between wanting to know and just not caring. I end up on not caring. My mom always offered to help me find my birth mom – but after she died my dad said that if I’d ever taken her up on the offer would’ve crushed her. She died when I was 19. I have a mom. She was a beautiful woman and a talented artist, and I always remember her singing.

Band Teasers vs Brain Teasers

During a long nap drive with the kiddos on Saturday Justin asked me, “If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life would you pick Steve Miller Band or Stevie Ray Vaughan?” This kept us busy ALL weekend thinking up names of bands that were similar but oh so different — check this out:
The Cranberries vs Tonic

The Beastie Boys vs The Beach Boys

Eagles vs Flock of Seagulls

Cars vs The Doors

Pointer Sisters vs Scissor Sisters

Katy Perry vs Stephen Perry


Prince vs Queen

The Strokes vs The Kinks

Neil Diamond vs Gem and The Hollograms (This was mine, and Justin said I won the game with it)

Kenny G vs Warren G

Public Enemy vs ThePolice

Aerosmith vs Air Supply

Corey Hart vs Stevie Wonder (Hint: what song is Corey Hart famous for?)

Pink vs Blondie

Kris Kristofferson vs Kris Kross (one of my favs)

Guns N Roses vs The Wallflowers

Poison vs Ratt

Megadeth vs Band Aid

50 cent vs Johnny Cash

Nickelback vs Quarterflash

Nicki Minaj vs Stevie Nicks



If you can think of more leave a comment!

I was Pushed.

Well hello! I’ve received a lot of suggestions lately that I start a website/blog – and to tell the truth that isn’t a half bad idea at all. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I never quite know what to do with them — so it’ll be nice to have everything centralized in one spot with links to each.

So, welcome to my inaugural post!

Twitter — @Meltastic77, please follow me. Here is where you will see most of my local/regional political side. Think back to last October/November when I launched a cyber war on the Salem Chamber of Commerce over their campaign against a measure that would’ve supported evening/weekend service to our local transit from a payroll tax. I put a lot of time and effort into understanding the issue and my stance on it — I’m going to save Twitter for that stuff. You’ll also see me interact with other Salem residents who share similar interests (spoiler alert, we also get pretty raunchy sometimes.)

Instagram – Meltastic77, please follow me. Instagram is where you will find a lot of food, nutrition and mother nature. A few months back I did a complete nutrition overhaul and drastically changed the way I feed my body. I will share favorite new recipes and updates. Until now most of this story has been on Facebook, but I’m going to move it over to Instagram. I follow many of our national parks on here — I usually check my Instagram feed in the morning when I have coffee, it feels like taking a tour. I follow a lot of artists on Instagram too. I will do my best to share it with you.

Linked In – Melani Fuller I am in the market for a new job. Know of any leads or people I should connect with?

Facebook – Melani Whisler Fuller, please follow me. Facebook will be the biggest window to my home and family life – I use it to keep in touch. All of my friends on Facebook are people I know and interact with on a regular basis. Facebook is where you will see the most candid, crazy and everyday parts of my life. My Facebook page is PG-13 and sometimes R. Reader discretion is advised.Not all of my posts will be public – I will reserve for only people I know.

The decision to start this blog was based on a few different needs.

  1. You all encouraged me. I’ve been told that I have a nice way of expressing myself and that its fun to follow me – plus, I like to share. The encouragement I received to do this was the final clincher in my decision to finally do it.
  2. It is a skill I need and want to have. Learning how to build a web presence isn’t a bad skill in today’s job market. My recent plunge into the job search market (I was pushed, it wasn’t a decision I made on my own) has led me to realize I need to learn how to do this stuff for the types of jobs I’m looking for. I need to know how to organize and reference web content and link and cross-reference. Thanks for being my guinea pig and don’t be surprised if I hit you up for advice or help.
  3. I need to practice writing. Its been awhile. Jobs I’ve been applying for require writing samples and I don’t want to dig up old ones.
  4. I like to share and I want to engage with others who like the same things I do about news, politics, health and wellness, literature and parenting. So please, email me, comment, follow me — I look forward to this.

I’ll do my best to be informative, funny, helpful and provide a fun place to read.